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The right massage gun for you

The right massage gun for you

There is always a possibility of feeling pain in your body after exercise or workout. The pain is even expected to disturb your routine actions. So, it is important to take care of it before the opposite happens. In previous times, the usage of foam roller has been in the frontline of defeating muscle pains.

However, scientists have shown that a body promptly feels relaxed with the stress level diminished extremely after a massage. In fact, 7-8 hours of sleep is equal to 60 minutes of massage. This demonstrates how effective and efficient a massage gun can be. Instead of sleeping, why not get a massage gun?


The Best Massage Type

Massage can originate in 2 main forms i.e. using a machine or hand. Although both are effective, machine massage has recognized to be more effective. That’s why several athletes make use of it today. This is because of the other side advantages of using the machine. You get advantages, for example, a faster recovery period, easy usability, protect user's privacy, etc. One of the several machines use for massage is a massage gun.


What is a massage gun?

A massage gun is like a gun manufactured to help in relaxing muscle tightness and improving blood flow. It has recently confirmed to be one of the best massage machines that restore, even enhance and improve muscular functionality. The machine gun can be used almost by all individuals experiencing pain, most particularly muscular pains.


Who Uses Massage Gun?

A lot of athletes use it to relax their bodies. Tense people, those who have pains in the body or those who are not able to sleep can use a massage gun to improve their condition. One interesting thing about the machine is the simplicity of usage. Before, the machine sounds like a power tool, whirling as it operates. Several manufacturers have even quietened the sound. Now, all you have to do is to turn the machine gun on, place an inch closer to the affected place and let it do its job of restoring health to your body. The result is accomplished via the to and for pulsations. This helps in activating weaker outcomes and improve blood flow. In fact, the pulsation is the actual activity that actually gives great outcomes.


How Massage Gun Works?

Massage guns operate using the pain gate theory. The theory believes that it is possible to betray the nervous system, thereby decreasing pain. There should be appropriate stimulation and responsiveness of the nervous system during pain sensation. This is done by sending the right frequency of nerve impulses making the pain run away. This is surely what the machine employed in giving the effective outcome: tricking the system into acting quicker on pain.



The right massage gun for you (TOKFIT T2 MASSAGE GUN)


Due to the efficiency and usefulness of massage guns, several manufacturers have taken the bull by its horn and made several of the products. This typically leaves several people with the decision of making the right decision.

After detailed reviews and research, one of the massage guns surpassed our list. TokFit T2 Massage Gun make sure appropriate muscle recovery and blood flow for people, most particularly athletes.


Erode your muscles sores and say goodbye to several back pains. This massage gun has come up with a full-body massager that can energetically shake even your deep tissue muscles. A portable and battery-operated deep tissue massager with a lesser decibel and a quieter technology. Contrasting to other percussion massagers, this product has different levels of speed and vibration that will focus pressure deep into your muscle tissue. It will not only relieve tension, soreness, and aches in a short interval of time, but it will improve your blood circulation further. It works like a professional to cure your sore muscles. Furthermore, the product’s manufacturer offers 100% Money Back Guarantee if in any case you are not satisfied with the product. Tokfit T2 Massage Gun can provide you some of the best benefits below

  • Provides a higher recovery time by sustaining and improving blood flow to the affected place
  • Helps in avoiding muscle soreness after an extensive and exhaustive exercise
  • Fasten the healing process of muscles by majorly raising oxygen supply and growth hormones
  • Avoid fatigue by suppressing the accumulation of lactic acid
  • It can also be used in massaging other places of the body, apart from muscular areas
  • The greater outcome in lesser time
  • It is easy to use


Product Features:

20 speed levels

It presses into the sore muscles and adjusts the vibration that you desire to accomplish at several speeds. With 20 adjustable speed levels, ranging from 1200 to 3300 rpm, you can select the intensity level of massage stroke that you desire to sense. And with these adjustable levels, you can improve the blood circulation of your body and stimulate your muscles further. Furthermore, it is upgraded the vibrating program to have the speed levels change steadily. In this way, your muscles can progressively adjust. The vibration relaxation removes the stiffness and soreness of your muscles. So, it means, if you have a higher vibration level, then outcomes are more relaxing.


Silent technology

Unlike other massage guns in the market, this massage gun has the latest technology which reduces its noise and makes it silent. The aim of getting a massage is for relaxation and what a well way to relax but with a silent massage gun that will give a relaxing vibration in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.


Digital and touchscreen panel

Tokfit T2 Massage Gun has improved technology which makes it suitable for all users. May you be a professional or just a normal home user, you can simply navigate through the digital & touch panel and operate it with easily. Its ergonomic arrangement backs to its sleek design. And to safely guard the screen and the product itself, it comes in a carry case for its security.


Brushless motor

not because it cannot be observed externally it does not mean that we should not concentrate on it. We have used a brushless motor to raise the life span of the product. This means that it will not produce friction and will generate less heat. That’s why it will function well and last longer. According to research, brushless motors are 85 to 90 percent efficient in performance than brushed motors.


Multiple attachments

Contrasting to other muscle relaxer machines, this massager comes with different massage heads to satisfy and content your muscle requirements. Now no need to use rolling foam or massage roller for back pain anymore. You have everything that you require with the different heads and attachments contained within


Product Specs

  • The massagegun size is 6.69*9.45*2.82 inches
  • The DC adapter input is 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Its charging time: is about 3 Hours
  • The time for its working is 5-8 Hours
  • Wattage is 12W-35W
  • Noise isbelow 60db
  • Battery capacity is 18650 (2400mAh)
  • Its weight (Massager Only) is 2.2lb



Massage guns are the right option when it comes to fighting pain. Usually, the following advantages are gotten when you use Tokfit T2 Massage Gun:

  • Portable
  • Great price
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quiet and no more noise
  • Gets its job done rapidly
  • Adjustable various speeds to satisfy you more
  • Four attachment heads give you more options
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous use
  • Release and decrease lactate in the body
  • Help in improving muscular recovery
  • Improve the range of motion
  • Open up the closed circulatory system, hence improving blood flow
  • Ease the pain connected with soft tissue damage
  • Fasten the development of muscle
  • Improve muscle responsiveness
  • Reduce the occurrence of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)



Mostly, there are no disadvantages if you are using a massage gun as much as you follow the usage procedure you won't have any problems. Still, here are a few probable cons of Tokfit T2 Massage Gun:

  • It can cause excessive activation of muscle when placed directly on the affected place
  • It needs professionalism during the repair
  • It is budget-friendly of course but also not so cheap
  • It also requires adequate maintenance



Massage guns are a great bet in battling pain irrespective of the body location. They have shown to be further effective than conventional foam rollers, which is the main muscle pain killer before. Do you desire to be free from pains after any form of exercise? If yes, obtain Tokfit T2 Massage Gun for you today. It will remove pains and soreness from your muscles and other body parts.


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