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Our Story

Wilson is an industrial product designer and founder of the TOKFIT brand. Wilson is a fitness enthusiast. Since Wilson's fitness, his muscles and tendons have been in pain. He also bought some muscle massagers from the market, but the results were not very good. In 2018 Wilson found an American massage gun brand and bought one. After each fitness, he uses this massage gun for muscle massage. It greatly relieves muscle and tendon pain after previous fitness sessions.

In 2018, under the leadership of Wilson, our company gathered a lot of fitness experts, began research, design and development of massage products, and released the first massage gun product in 2019. This product integrates many advantages of excellent similar brands on the market, and also improves many disadvantages of similar products.

TOKFIT is committed to providing the most portable, cost-effective and most beneficial massager products on the market. It will truly change your life so far and will be a good companion on your way to fitness.

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