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What is massage gun?

What is massage gun?

The latest relaxation device to make waves in the fitness world is the massage gun.It can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to dozens of dollars. It is an essential part of relaxation after exercise. In addition to relieving fatigue from high-intensity exercise and relaxing muscles, it can also give muscles a full rest and reduce pain. Before the massage gun came out, there was a lot of relaxation equipment, the foam shaft was definitely a classic, and the fascia ball before that. These relaxation devices are designed to be self-controlled, and most people feel that if they don't relax enough, their muscles will still feel tense. Massage guns are popular because they rely on a strong sense of vibration to relax muscles, and many people feel that buying a Massage gun makes them look professional.


The Principle of Massage Guns

After a workout, the muscles get tight, the joints get tight, it's like the muscles are being held in one place, and when the muscles want to open up, it's not only painful, it's also constricting. The effect of massage gun lies in the muscle-fascia that is tight this is vibrate to spread out, can reduce the sense of bondage after the fitness exercise, the muscle is stretched can more comfortable.

Massage gun is through high-frequency vibration to break the muscle tension and reduce the accumulation of lactic acid, in this process you will feel very relaxed, massage gun is very suitable for the relaxation of large muscles, but for the muscle nodules, small pain points, it is safer to carry out professional treatment.


Notes for Use of Massage Gun

  1. Massage gun is used to relax muscles, bone places such as the elbow, knee, head and the back of the hand can not use massage gun to relax, is like hitting your bone, can cause very big pressure on the bone and tendon.
  2. In places like our neck where there are large arteries, under the armpits, in the abdominal cavity, which are close to the blood vessels and organs, we can't use Massage gun
  3. The use time of massage gun is not longer better, suggest everybody average use time is in 10 minutes or so.
  4. For personal modification of the massage gun is not recommended to try, you have no way to ensure their own modification of the manual version of the massage gun security, it can not get safety assurance.

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