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Know about TokFit

Know about TokFit

TokFit T2 is a T-shape massage gun, black one and silver one, it weighs about 2.2 lbs. In particular, unlike other products, the TokFit massage gun has a digital display and touch-operated screen on the back and a non-slip silicone handle.


If you receive our TokFit, you will see the package comes with a portable case and charging cable. There are four heads or six heads available. You can choose the x4 heads package ( Spherical Head - massage for arm, back, hips, thighs, calves and other large muscle groups; U-shaped Head - massage for cervical spine and Achilles tendon; Flat Head - massage for relaxation and plasticity of various parts; Cylinder Head - massage for deep tissue, such as meridian, joint, palm and sole) or x6 package ( that more than four heads are Air Cushion Head - massage for relaxation of sensitive muscle and Wedge Head - massage for small areas of back, neck, and waist) . Choosing TokFit can solve the problem of massaging all parts of your body, and it's easy to replace the massage head.


The battery life is very important for massage gun. Only if the battery lasts a long time can you use it safely. Otherwise, you might as well go to a massage parlor. The TokFit has a battery life of up to 8 hours and a quick charge of just two hours. The LCD screen clearly shows the speed and power level, so you can adjust the speed precisely. Tokfit adopts 24V 55mm brushless motor. It's much quieter than other massaging guns, at only 55 decibels, so you can take it to your office or any other public place without disturbing anyone. Suitable for deep muscle massage, very professional. What's more, there are 20 speeds adjustable, which is amazing. Speed 1-4 is 1400rpm for Muscle Awakening. Speed 5-8 is 1800rpm for Fascia Relaxation. Speed 9-12 is 2100rpm for Decomposing Lactic acid. Speed 13-16 is 2500rpm for Deep Massage. Speed 17-20 is 3200rpm for Professional Mode.


The main purpose of having a massage gun is muscles recovery in the most relaxed way. If the massage gun does not provide this function, it is not effective. Choosing the perfect massage gun is often a challenge for most people, and no one wants to invest in a tool that isn't worth it. Although massaging guns are usually expensive, they are reasonably priced and inexpensive, which makes TokFit a good choice given its many quality features.


Now let’s get the reasons you must use TokFit:

  • Six massage heads
  • There is a handbagand a charger provided
  • Super quiet
  • 20 speeds adjustment
  • Touch screen design
  • Non-slip silicone handle design
  • Lightweight design

A one-year warranty doesn't have to worry about quality

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