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Why massager?

Why massager?

When we exercise such as weightlifting, running, bike riding and other daily activities, we often feel muscle soreness or tightness after the exercise, which can lead to poor sleep quality, weakened immunity, and possible illness. If the muscle is always in a tight state, it will make the body movement become not smooth, so the muscle must be relaxed after the exercise.

An experiment on human forearms showed that if you held the same position for an hour or two, muscle stiffness would roughly double. However, with a few more stretches, you will quickly return to your original state, effectively relieving muscle tension. During exercise training, moderate muscle relaxation increases the range of motion of the joint, effectively reducing the risk of injury.

But that doesn't mean it's good to relax your muscles whenever you can. When exercising, the stiffness created by the body's reflexes and overall leg tension can sometimes improve performance.

Generally speaking, there are two main forms of muscle relaxation, one is negative recovery, and the other is positive recovery.

Negative recovery refers to the general rest, sleep, and so on. In entering sleep, the body's central nervous system, especially the cerebral cortex of the suppression process occupies a lot of advantages, energy substances in the synthesis process also provides some advantages. When some of the metabolites in the body are utilized or eliminated, fatigue is eliminated and muscle recovery and growth begins slowly during sleep. Accordingly, after every training must want to have enough morpheus time ability to restore good, be in especially the teenager of development period should want to notice morpheus more.

Positive recovery refers to the recovery by means of changing the content of activities, such as stretching after exercise, physical and mechanical relaxation and massage, proper supplementation of vitamins, psychological relaxation, cross-exercise, etc., all of which belong to external supply and help muscle recovery and relaxation.

Generally, after exercise, you can undertake self-massage, because it can make the lactic acid in the muscle educates as soon as possible or transform, and make muscle relaxes and eliminate fatigue. Massage is carried out inside 20-30 minutes after the exercise ends commonly or before sleeping in the evening, gently to deeply. Massage should be carried out from the far end to the near end, such as from the sole of the foot to the calf to the thigh to the waist and back, from the hand to the forearm to the upper arm to the chest. You can also use electric massager to relax.

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